Imagine a global sports brand gaining exclusive access to the legendary Principality Stadium in Wales, teaming up with the phenomenal Cal Freezy and his football squad to determine who truly reigns as the fittest. To make this extraordinary event a reality, professionals were called upon to deliver an unforgettable experience.

With the expertise of Sam Marsh from Jigsaw providing top-notch equipment, we pushed Cal Freezy and his team to the absolute limits. Each player gave their all, resulting in a thrilling and unforgettable day for everyone involved.

Standing in the center of an empty Principality Stadium evokes an indescribable sense of awe. But as soon as the players stepped onto the pitch and the competition ignited, the stadium might as well have been packed to capacity. The focus and determination exhibited by every individual were truly extraordinary.

Stay tuned for the epic highlights and incredible moments captured from this monumental showdown. Witness the relentless pursuit of fitness and the sheer determination displayed by Cal Freezy and his team within the iconic walls of Principality Stadium. Get ready to be inspired!

Project Details

Under Armour + Archon + Principality Stadium = A great activation

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