Where Fitness
Is Rated

we turn workouts into ratings

We rate your performance in running, rowing, lifting, and workouts with a simple number: your Archon Fitness Rating.

We record and measure a comprehensive range of metrics, allowing you to easily track your progress using just your phone. Discover how well you’re doing in your fitness journey with a simple tap.

The Archon Web App

Transform your phone into the ultimate fitness hub, where every aspect of your fitness is thoroughly understood. Just input your workout results and our advanced technology considers your height, weight, age and sex assigned at birth to provide you your own personalised rating.

compete with a like minded community

In addition to our web app, we drive a multitude of dynamic events and engaging activities. Joining our events or organising your own allows for fair and equal competition, enabling your rating to be compared against others no matter your height, weight, age or gender. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your skills and measure your performance in a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts.