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To a Personal Trainer, Archon is the one thing they’ve been missing in their war against fitness.  It tells them everything they need to know about their clients so that they can give them feedback, design the perfect program, create accurate benchmarks, structure goals and is perfect for online training.  It’s the ultimate support for their business.

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You are what Archon says you are

Archon produces a score for each of the assessments, which represent a level of performance within that particular assessment, so essentially you are what your record says you are. It’s for you as a fitness professional to take these results and create the ultimate training experience for your clients in order to deliver progress and personal bests.

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About Archon Combine

Scoring in Archon

When it comes to your clients scores on Archon, as a fitness professional you have to look at the circumstances around them rather than just the raw score itself. A low score like 10, on the surface will look like a relatively poor score, but that client maybe at the very start of their fitness journey with you , recovering from injury, or the skill/movement associated with the assessment is one that they are unfamiliar with. If so then this score isn’t so bad. Also, the score is only there to provide a benchmark, a sign of where they are right now. It’s what you do for and with them in the coming days, weeks, months and years that will mean the most and result in their score increasing.

If however their score is in the 80’s, there’s a pretty good chance that they have been training for a while or the movement is one they have practised, a lot, over a significant amount of time.

Wherever they are on their journey their Archon assessment score is likely to reflect that and give you the information you need to structure what sort of training is best for them to do in order to improve.

This is fitness professional catnip to a client, showing that you know what to do, how to do it and that they are an individual and not just another one of your clients. It shows you care about making them the best they can be.

Measure, Evaluate, Improve.


Assessment Score


Current Progress 79%
Next Tier Target 32cm
Last Attempt 81cm


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