So here it is, the 500m Row. The very first event of the Bracket 2020. Over the next month, our aim is to get you to achieve the best 500m Row score possible. We’re going to do that by talking to you about rowing technique, training tips, what to do in terms of strength training and also how, looking holistically at your whole body will bring you a better result. The Bracket uses Archon as its engine so everything from your weight, height, and age will affect your results so it’s not just about getting faster and faster in terms of your time, although at some point it will be.

But for now, look forward to getting acquainted with the Erg and getting your first score loaded onto the Bracket to hopefully land you in the top 64.

Even when January is up and we announce your next event, it won’t be the last you will see of the Erg, you will be able to enter new times throughout the duration of the Bracket, and as the other elements of the fitness and body improve with the emphasis in the other events, so will your row.

For now, here is Alice Batz from British Rowing demonstrating exactly how to do the 500m Row, with all the glorious graphics you will ever need to make sure your technique is on point.

So whats a good 500m time?

Well, isn’t that the best question ever. And in truth, the answer is way more complex than it appears. Anyone who googles it will get an answer like 1.30 is a good start, but what they fail to mention is the circumstances around that. 1.30 is good for who? Male, Female, Heavyweight, Lightweight, what happens if your 22 or 52? See what we mean. There are loads of factors that come into achieving a good result, and those are the things we are going to cover over the next month, and in fact on all of the assessments so hold tight and make sure you check the Daily Feed part of the site for all the latest info.

To get you started here is Dark Horse, this guy is all about Rowing and in the following video he covers the 3 biggest mistakes beginners make when starting to indoor row. We love this video and how he breaks everything down, find the rest of his videos on his YouTube Channel and follow him on his social accounts. We’ve actually never met or spoken but we just love what he does and the simplistic way in which he does it. If he can’t get you a better 500m Row time for the Bracket, we’re not sure who can.

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How fast should you row though?

OK, so how often should you row?

Rowing Stretches

So if you aren’t completely equipt to do the fastest 500m Row that you have ever done after watching, and most importantly taking into account all of the information in the videos above, then I’m not sure what more we can do.  If there this though, we’ll find it