A fitness event spanning 9 months for all universities across the UK to engage with every student on and off campus. Allowing students of all abilities to compete on a level playing field by having their own fitness rating based on their metrics of height, weight, age, and sex assigned at birth. Infusing the varsity essence of university sport into fitness.

the process/Overview

Step 1:

Opt in your university. It’s at this point we create your unique URL and landing page to register the students.

Step 2:

Students register and build their profiles ready to start the engagement.

Step 3:

Students receive their monthly activations to build their ratings direct to their individual profiles.

Step 4:

We work along side you throughout the engagement on any of the other elements available to you like Sporting Pathways.

The Format

From October 2023 to June 2024, we present a series of opportunities for students to rate themselves individually or partake in sector-wide mass participation events. With each month featuring a distinct focus and unique goal, you’ll inch closer to the coveted title of “The Fittest”. See what each month has in store…

We’ll make sure everything is ready for your institution, including a branded URL, registration pages, and everything your students will need to start the process of varsity fitness.  

In November, STRON9 is unleashed.  Every student’s profile will receive a blend of strength-related exercises to kickstart their fitness rating journey.  

December marks the debut of ENGINE.  Enhancing the foundation laid by October STRON9, a fusion of aerobic elements is introduced to shape the student’s overall FITTEST rating.

January brings the spotlight on Speed and Power.  Students will progressively enhance their ratings month by month, building upon their fitness journey.

Prepare the students for dynamic workouts, where AMRAPS, EMOM, or FT challenges will serve as the foundation for their rating in February.

March brings the madness of the BIG10.  10 crucial elements will determine who gets to represent your facility at the thrilling live combine and final.

This is the student’s chance to put in the hours of practice and fine-tune their performance in the BIG10.


Mayhem descends as institutions unveil their chosen representatives for the live events, vying for the coveted title of the UK’s first-ever Fittest.

The chosen few gather for the climatic Fittest Finals.  A love BIG10 Combine will determine their seeding, followed by a bracket-style competition culminating in an intense head-to-head showdown.  The ultimate victor will claim the title, the trophy, and the honor of being crowned the FITTEST, representing their university with pride.


Empowering students to self-assess their fitness levels across all domains, earning the chance to represent their university colours at the inaugural Fitness Championships, seeking the UK’s fittest student.

advisory board

Our exceptional advisory board guarantees the Fittest’s success.  Their expertise and guidance create an ecosystem of best practices, benefitting participating institutions and individuals.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience, they elevate the Fittest to new heights.

Matt Ford


Andy Allford

Director of Sport,
University of Birmingham

Barry Squires

Head of Sport,
University of Brighton

Rob Brown

Sports & Fitness Delivery Manager, Surrey Sports Park

Chris McIntosh

Operations Manager,
University of Edinburgh

Vince Mayne

Former CEO

Dr. Paul Comfort

Professor in S&C,
University of Salford

Darren Campbell MBE

Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist

Sporting Pathways

benchmarking & talent ID

Throughout the engagement, your university gains access to diverse sports ratings, unlocking numerous possibilities. Set standards, welcome new players, explore new sports, and host combines on campus. Tap into existing, and untapped talent with the support of National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and professional teams.