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Archon Combine is fitness testing software offering PT’s a simple solution to measuring, evaluating and then setting goals for clients which are specific to their age, gender, height, weight and wingspan. No longer do you need to try and assess a range of clients who are all at different fitness levels, Archon Combine allows you to log client performance for a range of assessments and then show them exactly how they have improved over time – specific to them.


Monthly Subscriptions


  • 5 x Fitness Assessments Including:
  • 500m Row (Anaerobic)
  • The Leap (Power)
  • L20 (Agility)
  • 5km (Aerobic)
  • Squat (Strength)


  • Access to ALLFitness Assessments
  • Create, Link & Manage Client Accounts
  • Gains FREE Full Platform Access for All Clients*
  • Access to New Monthly Assessments
  • Access to My Metrics
  • Combine Creator
  • Branded Website
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Social Media Access
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Articles

* Clients will only have full access for as long as you are a FitPro Subscriber


Ever wondered what all those hours in the gym, lifting, rowing, running, cycling really means?  Well now you can find out. Archon Combine is the go to place to find out that if what you’re doing is working.  Knowing where you are will dictate which direction you take in your fitness journey next.

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As a fit pro you’re always looking for something to give you the edge.  For less than the price of a Grenade Bar a week you will get access to the #1 fitness assessment platform in the world.  

For fitness professionals the subscription is here to enhance the service you provide to your clients, and your ability to create revenue.  So how does it achieve it?

  • New assessments bought in every month to make sure you can cater for your entire client base, everything from a bodyweight press up to a 10km run
  • Create online combines and competitions to increase social presence; engagement and most importantly create revenue
  • Having your company logo pride of place for all of your clients to see
  • Build a client list to track their results
  • View your client’s results to create the ultimate results based programs
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The Features


If want to become a part of the Archon Combine then please sign up and start your journey!

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