The event

The Fittest is a fully inclusive gym engagement and competition. Every gym member gains access to monthly, activations, and challenges, building a unique individual fitness rating over time. Select your gym’s fittest member to compete in the inaugural Fittest competition, where participants compete on a level playing field to find the pound-for-pound fittest gym member.

a different kind of competition

A 9-month long gym engagement designed to keep your members connected. This unique format provides ongoing touch points and countless opportunities for interaction. By creating a rating over time, members can track their progress in their everyday training, serving as a motivating factor to keep coming back to the gym.

For Individuals

Members gain the ability to create their own unique rating, introducing them to exciting new modalities of fitness. Designed to cover every aspect of fitness, this comprehensive rating encompasses strength, power, engine, and workout-based components.

For Gyms

The Fittest is the ultimate engagement for your gym members. Highlighting members’ ratings, creating social media campaigns, on-floor activations, and even element centered classes.

How it Works

The Format – season one

The steps to joining the fittest are simple.

Step 1 – Register your facility

Step 2 – We create your unique branded URL landing page for members

Step 3 – Register your members

Step 4 – Leave the rest to us

Once registered and your members are onboarded, we’ll send each member each month part of the rating to complete their profile on the web app. We’ll work with you throughout the process giving you access to marketing materials as well as engagement and activation ideas based on the format. The only thing left is for you to work out who to send down to represent your facility at the Fittest Final.

The opening of the Fittest brings with it STRON9, or a series of strength related movements to start building your rating on.
Next comes ENGINE.  A series of aerobic related challenges, crafted to stress different elements from peak output to recovery.
Speed and power come into play next.  Your rating is now well underway.

Workouts are next on the list.  EMOM, AMRAP’s or FT will make up the last part of your rating.  

This is the month to have another go at your ratings, and try to improve those scores and ranking on the love FITTEST leaderboard.
March Madness is when we release the BIG10.  These are 10 movements that will not only complete your rating and final ranking for selection, but also have to perform live at the combine if selected.
Practice month.  Using this month to practice any of your BIG10 weaknesses or set some new PB’s in your overall rating.
Mayhem is selection month.  This will be when each gym selects which member will represent them at the FITTEST final.  The ideal way to do this is to run an internal combine as part of the selection process.

June is when you will leave it all on the turf.  The live Combine will create your seeding, whilst the Bracket is a series of elimination workouts until the two finalists face off to be crowned season ones FITTEST.  

be an early adopter

Due to the unique nature of the competition, there are only so many places available at the final and so we are only going to onboard a restricted number of facilities for the first season. To make sure that you don’t miss out on a place for you and your members, complete the inquiry form to secure your place.


NRG have announced that they are the first gym to enter into the arena. NRG members will be able to access the FITTEST as part of their membership. They will be fully represented at the final from 5 different clubs.