How Archon Benefits Fitpros

Archon is fitness testing software designed for FitPros to be able to measure, evaluate and improve client performance by performing standardised assessments. However this isn’t all Archon can do, we offer an array of other aspects which will help FitPro’s improve their personal training businesses and generate more income.

The key benefits speak for themselves in terms of being able to show your clients how well they are progressing through proven data, but there are so many other facets to Archon which many PTs overlook or simply didn’t realise existed! We’ll explain all of these benefits in more detail further down the page but the core added benefits of being a Personal Trainer on the FitPro subscription are being able to run your very own live events, retaining your clients by proving their progression, creating online combines, becoming an Archon Influencer, holding your own Combine days and also testing days for potential leads.

Archon offers you everything you need (and more!) in order to run a successful PT business through the ability to measure, evaluate and improve your clients performance with proven data.

Running Events

Using your Archon subscription you will be able to run live events to create the ultimate competitive environment. The hardest part will be deciding which assessments to include and which ones you will have to leave out. Will it be a strength combine or more of a challenge in conditioning, or maybe a mixture of the two? Whatever it is you can be assured that by using Archon to measure the results you will be able to have any age, gender or weight all competing together in the same arena. Contact us for more details about running your own event as we already have some pre-designed templates.

Running PT Events

Client Retention

Keep clients engaged by mapping out their entire years training with you by including monthly features, outside of your normal programming. January for instance could feature all things squat bias. Looking at assessments at the start of the month, learning technique, mobility etc. in order to improve your performance and see the results when you reassess at the end. February could then see the introduction of Rowing. With 23 original assessments on Archon and more being added every month you will be able to keep your client based challenged and engaged for longer and as a result creating sustainable revenue streams.

A typical example of what a years training with you could look like:

PT Client Retention

Online Combines

One of the easiest ways to create revenue, engagement and interaction with your clients is by running an online combine. From anywhere in the world or with clients anywhere in the world you can create any combination of assessments you like, example. Run (5km) Squat (5 rep max) Row (500m) and put them into an online combine. Once you have decided on your assessments, given it a name and inputted a logo you will be good to go. Either invite your clients via e-mail or use the individually generated pin number to advertise your challenge on FB, Instagram or Twitter in order to attract potential new clients. By charging a small amount to enter with a prize for the winner you will be able to not only create revenue but also exposure to your brand.

Online PT Combines

Become an Influencer

If you’re a PT with a big following then why not give them something to engage with rather than just posting content. Creating a community online who are all heading in the same direction under your guidance is very powerful. Showing how you as a trainer are concerned with quality, standardisation with relevant, reliable content will allow you to build trust and more followers. Allowing them to see how you perform in a squat, bench, row, run or cycle, and then being able to compare their performance against yours can often help to humanise you and attract more people into your programming.

PT Influencer

Combine Days

A combine is a gathering of people all doing the same thing at the same time. Why not take this concept and design a combine day that can be run in your facility, either exclusively for your clients or as a way of inviting new or existing members to see how you operate as a trainer. For a small fee they will be put through a series of assessments or tests for the day and not only will they experience being part of something bigger but they will also come away from the day with actual stats about their performance. This is ideal for you to follow up on and offer your coaching as a way to improve for the next combine day. These can soon become a feature of your training method and the facility in which you are based.

PT Combine Days

Testing Days

Similar to the Combine Days, Testing Days are normally concentrated around 1 of the assessments. Here you can run an open day for squatting where anyone (client or member) can come along and get assessed on their squat, bench, run, row etc. This is a pure showcase event for you to collect data and potential leads. You can also run events on line as well, advertising a certain day to your followers where they can all perform the same assessment, video is and upload it to your FB, Instagram or Twitter. This not only gives you touch points with clients and potential clients but also gives you content to use for future posts or campaigns.

PT Testing Days


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