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Your clients start point is the most important point. Without it, they won’t know if they’re improving. We provide that start point. Our assessment videos give you and your clients the criteria to follow in order to perform safe, valid, reliable and repeatable tests. That way you know when they do it again the results are comparable. Input their results into their profile and our algorithms will do the rest. Use the information to craft a program worthy of the time your client is investing into getting themselves fitter, stronger, faster and healthier. There are articles to learn new techniques, you can create a Combine with some or all of your clients, for a bit of friendly competition or just leave your clients a message of support on a great score or training session.

Fitness Testing Platform

What is a Combine?

Those of you familiar with the US (that would be united states) National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to professional sports system and the draft process will know that the evaluation of a players athletic ability is conducted via the combine. Essentially it’s a battery of testing based around sports specific movements such as jumping, sprinting, strength and agility in order to assess the individuals’ athletic prowess and their suitability to be drafted to a certain team.

In Archon’s world the combine holds two different meanings

Talent Identification Testing


Combine, in its truest definition is like a combine harvester that has one job to do, and that’s to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the great. This is where the talent identification section of the site comes into play. We want to reward people who have great abilities but just might not know it yet. We bet there is someone sitting at their desk right now that is capable of something really special but they just don’t know it, hopefully, you can find them.

Fitness Assessment Testing


On the other hand, the combine can be something quite different, we see the combine as a gathering of people, all doing the same thing at the same time under the same criteria in order to assess. We want to standardise fitness assessment so that one persons’ deadlift in Hull is the same as another person’s deadlift in Plymouth no matter what their gender, age, height, weight or ability.

So the combine can mean different things to different people, just like the reasons why some people choose to train in one way and others in another. Fitness isn’t a one-size fits all situation but there are certain things that should be the same and that’s where we come in. The start point of any journey requires a measurement of sorts. If you bake a cake you have to first measure out the ingredients, if you plan a journey you have to measure how far it is and how long it will take you to get there which brings us back to the fundamentals of the combine.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.


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