The Bracket

The Archon Bracket is a global online fitness competition allowing participants of all abilities to compete on a level playing field. Starting from January 1st 2020 you will be set specific assessments to perform and then input your score online. Your score is not valued simply on how much weight you lifted or how fast you ran. Instead, our algorithms then assess your performance in correlation to your height, weight, age, gender and wingspan. So your score is personal to you and your ability, no one else’s.

Global Fitness Competition

All Levels of Ability Compete Equally

Mass Participation Collective


The Bracket

The Archon Bracket is a global online fitness competition allowing participants of all abilities to compete on a level playing field. Starting from January 1st 2020 you will be set specific assessments to perform and then input your score online. Your score is not valued simply on how much weight you lifted or how fast you ran. Instead, our algorithms then assess your performance in correlation to your height, weight, age, gender and wingspan. So your score is personal to you and your ability, no one else’s.

Global Fitness Competition

All Levels of Ability Compete Equally

Mass Participation Collective


The Archon Bracket


The bracket is designed to create a collective of like minded fitness enthusiasts around specific aspects of fitness. Everyone wants to lift more, run, row or cycle faster than they did before. The Bracket will be fun for those that just want to see how well they are currently doing but more competitive for those who truly aspire to become the everyday athlete. It will help to keep track of your progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your programming and give you focus, a reason to keep training and provide you a purpose for all those sessions in the gym or on the road.

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What is it?

The Bracket is a really simple concept, we announce every month a new focus for your training, one month might be rowing, then strength, followed by some aerobic conditioning work, you never know, and that’s kind of the beauty of it. Everyone gets bored with going to the gym, so this is a way to keep them engaged. It’s designed to sit alongside what you already do, not replace it.

How Does it Work?

Between January and September, a new event is released every month. This carries on in the same format all the way up until September. The last week of every month is when you are required to post your best result into the Bracket. October brings with it the Lockdown, where the 64 highest scoring people enter the Bracket. They will then be seeded and compete head to head through 6 rounds until we end up the best everyday athlete to have performed throughout the entire Bracket.


500M Row























* To be Announced

How to Get Your Score

You will gain your score form the Archon Combine platform.  The platform has been designed to assess your performance in multiple fitness assessments whilst taking into account your height, weight, age, gender and in some cases even wingspan.  This means that it gives an accurate picture of exactly how well you are performing against any particular assessment like a squat

Fitness Testing Software

What Makes it Different

The unique part is that anyone will go against anyone.  Due to the way Archon scores you, we don’t have to worry about segmenting groups for competition, in the bracket everyone is equal, everyone has the same chance to succeed, it’s ultimately down to you and the training you put in.

You can join the Bracket at any time throughout the year, if you miss the first few months then you can always catch up, for those wanting to get into the Lockdown, they will need to have recorded an input for all 9 of the events, but they could do them all in September if they really wanted to.
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Mass Participation Stage

Try to think of the first 9 months or the mass participation stage (MPS) as a way to give meaning to your training. The events are there to give you something to work toward, so everyone will know by now that the January event is a 500m Row. We also give you a dedicated program each month based around the event, in this case by British Rowing to follow to achieve a PB. We want you to feel a part of something and most importantly to improve throughout your time within the Bracket.

PT Combine Days

The Lockdown

This is where the top 64 performers are locked into the final bracket position. They are then seeded 1 to 64 with each person allocated a position according to their score and the person they are up against in that round. Your only focus is beating that person to progress to the next. Do whatever it takes to improve your score enough to take you forward.

Participants that make it into the Bracket Lockdown, will be required to send in a video of their event attempt ensuring they meet the set criteria, our coaches will then validate it and if they pass, and results in a higher score than their opponent, they move to the next round.

Next Stages

This format will then continue to the Round of 32, the Super 16, the BIG 8, the Elite 4 and then finally when everyone has been knocked out we will arrive at the Top 2 who will compete for the ultimate prize and the Winner of the Bracket 2020.


In this round you will be required to submit your next set of videos, aiming for an improvement on your round of 64 score.  As each round passes you will need to get better so this will test your programming, nutrition, recovery and every other aspect of your physical readiness in order to progress.


Now that the Bracket is starting to reach its final point you will need to once again submit your next validated video attempt.  Now is the time to look at everything that could contribute to a better performance.  Here is where marginals are key.


This is where we drop from 16 to 8.


This is where we determine the final four seeds who will compete to gain a place in the Bracket final.


These are the best two performers from the entire duration of the Bracket.  They have progressed through each round in order to reach the championship.  They will be required to provide one last validated video which at a given point in time will be shown live on Archon social media pages to see who won.

How Does Seeding Work?

Your seeding in the 64 will be based on your score which is based on where you perform in relation to your own individual floor and ceiling when all of the other factors (height, weight, age, gender) have been taken into account. You will then be put into a seeding position and given you opponent. In the first round the number 1 placed athlete will square off against the number 64, the 2nd against 63 and so forth.

How Do You Record a Score?

You just need to perform the specific assessment then input your score into your Archon Combine account and we will do the rest for you.

What are the Assessment Criteria?

You will be held to specific criteria when it comes to the events and assessments. If you don’t prove that you are following these exactly via video evidence then you will not make it to the next round and your opponent will automatically advance.

How we help you in the bracket

Once registered on the bracket, we will provide you with ongoing support in the form of programming for specific types of events, advice articles, live Q&A’s within our private Facebook group and even our own Hack the Bracket Podcast that can be listened to on PodBean | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts

Programming Explained

Every training session, in every gym in the world, regardless of who is doing it has the exact same start and the same end.  It’s what happens in the middle of those two points that will determine your success.

This is where programming comes in, entering the gym and not having a plan on how to improve is perhaps the biggest flaw in the majority of peoples fitness journey, and why so many people lack results.  So we’re here to help you out, on the 1st of every month when we announce the assessment that you will need to focus on, alongside releasing specialised programming designed around getting maximum results.  Your programming will be provided by some of the best in the industry, who better to teach you technique for your row than British Rowing, or perfecting your strength by British Weightlifting.  These are just some of the companies and national governing bodies that will provide programming and content to help you throughout the entire Bracket.

January 2020 500M Row

The 500 metre row assessment is a test of high power output and anaerobic endurance. The aim will be to reach peak power with as little drop off as possible throughout the time of the test. Easier said than done. It’s a delicate balance of not going out too fast but not having anything left at the end either. The best results will come with practice and deciding the ideal stroke rate and drag for your style of rowing.

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The Hunt for the ultimate Everyday Athlete starts now

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The Archon Bracket isn’t just a means for individual people to compete with like-minded individuals and challenge themselves. Due to the nature of the Bracket it is a business model which feeds perfectly into helping PT’s, Coaches and Clubs gain greater exposure and retain clients.

PT Client Retention

Your Clients

What better way to keep your clients motivated than for them to have a different focus every month to work on alongside the training that you are already doing. Use the Bracket to highlight your clients progress from month to month and focus on every aspect of your clients fitness. Clients love a Personal Best and the Bracket is designed to get regular PB’s and show these in an analytical way that clients can understand and monitor with ease.

Fitness Assessment Testing

PTs & Coaches

Everything that you would want to get for your clients out of the Bracket, is what you can out of it yourself. As a Personal Trainer or Coach you often spend so much time on your clients’ goals and progression that you forget about your own. It’s time to invest in you. Don’t just see the bracket as a way of only assessing your clients PB’s – use it as a chance to showcase how good you really are to, not only your clients, but the rest of the world! Imagine winning the Bracket against thousands of other trainers out there – it’s prestige that can’t be bought.

Running PT Events


The Archon Bracket can be used by your club, box or chain to create an amazing experience for your trainers, coaches and members. The Bracket offers the perfect in-house fitness challenge for your members to get involved in. It means that you won’t have the top 5% of your members being the only ones entering as we make sure we level the playing field meaning everyone has chance of success, or simply use it as a benchmark. It can also create PT engagement, either their clients can use the Bracket as a benchmark or your members will need your PT’s to help them improve their position in the Bracket ranking. It gives everyone who has entered something to work toward, every month brings a new challenge and so not only will it keep you engaged for that month but it will bring you back to the gym month after month as the emphasis of your training will have to change according to what assessment is released. And lastly it can open the door to programming, whether that’s members asking for specific ways to improve or PT’s providing results based programs based on the Archon Bracket Assessments, everyone in your club will love the Bracket.

A word from the creator

It was always our intention to create a competition/challenge that would change the way fitness competitions/challenges are done. We wanted to create a competitive environment that allowed anyone to compete on the same (metaphoric) field as someone else, regardless of their age, height, weight or gender. No longer would there be a need for weight classes, separate competitions for gender or even age groups. The reason we created Archon in the first place was to be able to assess fitness in a different way, a way that created full inclusivity for all. We always wanted the information gained from Archon to be used as the driver for a competition, and so the Bracket was born. We hope you’ll agree that it’s time to help the fitness industry recognise that everyone wants to get better, everyone deserves the support and resources to improve, and perhaps most importantly, no one should feel like just because they are older, younger, bigger, smaller, a different gender or even at a completely different point within their own fitness journey that they can’t be included when it comes to fitness competitions or challenges. We want the Bracket to represent all of the good things of the industry and none of the bad.